Manāna means "to celebrate" in Hindi,
and celebrate is what we do.

Helping all children truly enjoy one facet of their childhood through celebrations that bring smiles to their faces, regardless of circumstances beyond their control.



of creating happy memories
and joyful celebrations


we are currently


broadening our reach
and experience

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Manāna was founded in 2014 in Atlanta, GA by high schooler Saachi Datta as a response to the hardships she saw refugee girls facing when they came into the country. As strong believers in the power of joy, Saachi and a few classmates created a club to host birthday parties as an after-school program. Over the next few years, the club grew to be a non-profit under the umbrella of the GivingPoint Institute.

Today, Manāna is a full-fledged 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit operating in two states, with the second branch having opened in Philadelphia in 2018. By broadening its reach and experiences with 250+ children across both cities, Manāna is able to host birthdays and other celebrations specially tailored for each group of children.

Spreading happiness is what we love to do, and we look forward to continuing our mission to reach more children!

Our Team

Our amazing team is completely made up of like-minded students. We bring our strengths and passions together with a common mission: bringing happiness to every child.

The Team_Saachi

Saachi Datta

President and Chief Executive Officer

The Team_Serena

Serena Mammen

Branch Leader, Galloway (Atlanta)


Jayla Areza

Branch Leader, UW (Seattle)

The Team_Ella

Ella Roth

Chief Operations Officer

The Team_Sanaea

Sanaea Bhagwagar

Branch Leader, Penn (Philadelphia)

Image (1)

Sophia Pham

Branch Leader, UW (Seattle)

The Team_Emily

Emily Xu

Creative Director

The Team_Rohan (1)

Rohan Datta

Finance Director, Atlanta

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 5.58.56 PM

Sydney Gillen

Branch Leader, Penn (Philadelphia)

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